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Corporate wellness graphic with a bunch of healthy icons and images around it
The Future of Corporate Wellness: What Steps Should be Taken After Covid

July 1, 2022

It was the year 2019, and we were all living our ordinary lives. Some of us were struggling to get out of bed to make it to that 9 am lecture, while some of us were having a hard time making ends meet. We all had struggles different from one another and yet lived a […]

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DNA strands with hands holding on like behind bars
How To Ensure Your DNA Information Remains Private

May 24, 2022

You and your sister look so much alike!You have your mother’s eyes!You have got your father’s hair!Do you also get comments like this when you meet someone for the first time or after a very long time? Have you ever wondered if this really makes sense? Is it possible to get hair and a nose […]

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Mythbuster series thumbnail with Dr. Brook Sheehan
Myth Busting Episode 5 – The Immune System and Immune Support

March 28, 2022

Transcribed:Adam Pivko, Co-Founder of Autumn DNA: Hey everybody, Adam Pivko Here, the co-founder of Autumn DNA, and I decided to bring on one of our experts today to continue our Myth Buster series. And today we’re talking about immune support and immune health and what you can do to improve your immune system with the […]

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Mythbuster cover thumbnail with Dr. Nicole DeYonge, ND
Myth Busting Episode 4 – Are all vitamins the same in the store?

March 1, 2022

Transcription:Adam Pivko, Co-founder at Autumn DNA: Hey everybody, I’m here again for myth buster series number four with the incredible Dr. Nicole DeYonge from our scientific advisory board to talk about and bust the myth, if all vitamins and supplements at the store are the same.So I’ve been through the store aisles, I’ve been down […]

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Multiple types of bread
Bread Myths and Nutritional Value

February 17, 2022

Bread making is simple, but not all breads are equal for nutritional value. There are also a lot of misconceptions about bread, that deserve discussion.

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Mythbuster thumbnail carolyn brown are all supplements safe
Myth Busting Episode 3 – Are All Supplements Safe?

January 7, 2022

What we’re talking about today are all supplements, are they safe? I’ve been reading a lot on the internet that, you know, some people say supplements aren’t safe, you could take any vitamin, you could take any supplement, and you’re gonna be fine. And I really wanted to talk to an expert and ask some questions. So I brought on Carolyn Brown, MS, RD to talk to us about these topics and potentially bust some myths.

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Anna and Tony
Myth Busting Episode 2 – Misconceptions about Vitamins and Supplements

October 28, 2021

The topic today that we’re going to be discussing is supplements and vitamins. Do they work? Don’t they work? There’s a lot of misconceptions out on the internet about supplements and vitamins just not working. And perhaps it’s true for certain people. Perhaps it’s not. So really we wanted to get to the bottom of it with these two amazing people on our Scientific Advisory Board.

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Dr Phil Autumn DNA
Myth Busting Episode 1 – “You Can’t Overdose on Vitamins”

October 14, 2021

Adam: We’re here with Dr. Phil Carson, one of our scientific advisory board members and just an absolute rockstar. Dr. Phil: Alright I’m Dr. Phil Carson, doctor of pharmacy and a holistic wellness coach.  Adam: Alright we want to dive right into it. We have a bunch of questions for you, really kind of trying […]

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