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5 Nutrition Mistakes You’re Making

LAST UPDATED: November 10, 2022

Are you someone who tries to get the best nutrition for your body? If you are, then you have landed in the right place! Anyone remotely concerned about their health knows that getting the proper nutrients is key to maintaining good health and lifestyle. But, the problem arises when we start making common nutrition mistakes after being misguided by misinformed articles and blogs. 

For example, most of us believe that getting all fresh fruits and vegetables from the market solves our nutrient gap. However, we are dead wrong. Due to soil degradation and unhealthy farming practices, even healthy fruits and vegetables have become less nutrient-dense. Thus, it is becoming harder to give our body all the necessary goods to ensure its proper functioning. 

Now you must be wondering what other similar nutrition mistakes I am making? If you are, then buckle up as we take you through the five most common nutrition mistakes that you might be unknowingly making. We will also help you reverse those mistakes by providing a list of tips to ensure that you get all the right amount of nutrition for your body. But before that, let us talk a little about the importance of nutrition. 


Importance Of Nutrition

As we already know, water and food are necessary to sustain our body and keep it healthy. Every suitable liquid and food contains different nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. All these nutrients have different roles in our body – to keep it healthy and help build new cells. So let’s look at the importance of these nutrients in our system.



Carbohydrate is one of the essential types of a nutrient our body requires to function correctly. It gives us energy and is the ideal source for it. This is because it gives us the energy to help in the cellular constituent formation and can be converted to glucose. It also helps in ketones production in the body, known as ketosis. Carbohydrate has three compounds – oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

Our body needs four carbohydrates to function – gum, fiber, starch, and sugar. Carbohydrates are also categorized as simple and complex carbs. You can consume carbohydrates regularly in moderate amounts – it won’t lead to any weight gain. 



Protein helps our body to build a more robust immune system while building our muscles. This nutrient is made of long amino acid chains. There are almost 22 types of amino acids in the protein, and our body requires all of them to function correctly. Protein is found abundantly in our body to help repair and build new tissues. It also helps in enzyme and hormone formation that play different roles like sexual development and metabolism. 

Now, we need different types of proteins for different reasons. For example, collagen is required to improve the elasticity and strength of our skin and hair. 



Fat is also responsible for giving us extra energy. When taken in the correct quantity from the right source, it doesn’t add to our weight – it just helps us get some energy. It also helps to protect our vital organs and ensures our body is insulated during sudden temperature changes. Fat is also essential for blood pressure regulation and maintaining healthy skin. 

There are mainly two types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Since fat sources can be confusing and many fear weight gain from them, you can consume supplements that contain the necessary amount of fat your body requires. 



Vitamins are one of the essential nutrients for our body. It helps our body function properly by regulating the different processes in our body. There are almost 13 different vitamins that our body needs to function. Among them, only Vitamin K and D are produced in our system. The rest we have to procure from other sources. 

Every vitamin has different, essential jobs in our body. And any vitamin deficiency can lead to severe diseases. For example, Vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness, while Vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets. 



Minerals and vitamins work similarly – they both help regulate our body’s different processes. They also help to improve our immune system. Some of the essential minerals our body needs are Iron, Calcium, Chloride, and others. We can obtain both vitamins and minerals from good-quality supplements to ensure that there is no nutritional gap.


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5 Biggest Yet Common Nutrition Mistakes 

You must be wondering – of course, I am consuming all the nutrients mentioned here, so what mistakes can I possibly make? Well, you might think you have it all covered, but in reality, some problems are creeping into your diet plan. So let us discuss the 5 biggest yet most common nutrition mistakes you are unknowingly making. 


1. Paying Watch To Calories, But Not The Food Quality 

You may have visited a dietician or a nutrient specialist and gotten a list of items you can and cannot have. And that’s great for watching your calorie intake. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether you are paying attention to the food quality? If you are not, then that is a huge mistake! 

Thanks to severe soil degradation and unhealthy farming practices, most of the food products we consume now have become less nutrient-dense. So, in reality, you are consuming everything your doctor has asked you to but are not getting the necessary nutrients due to inadequate food quality.


2. Not Understanding the Amount Of Food You Consume 

Next, you might not understand the amount of food you have to consume. Several individuals think that the lesser they consume, the better their health. That’s not true at all! The trick is to consume the right amount and the correct type of food. Fewer amounts might lead to a severe nutrition gap in your diet, eventually leading to severe diseases. 


3. Overconsuming Sugary Products 

Now we all love our sugary products like Coke and chocolates. And you might be severely addicted to them. That is a considerable nutrient mistake. Sugary products do nothing good for your body – it is just great for our taste buds. 

In reality, the more sugar you consume, the more your body becomes sluggish and unhealthy. Even your Diet Coke has enough sugar to unbalance your carefully constructed nutrition plan!  


4. Escaping All Forms Of Fat

If you think that escaping all forms of fat can help you lose weight, you commit one of the biggest nutrition mistakes. Several articles and blogs will recommend cutting out fat entirely from your diet. But that will only make you unhappy, unhealthy, and your body will not function properly or produce enough energy. 

As we mentioned earlier, fat is responsible for several body functions. So escaping from all forms of fat will only create a necessary nutrient deficiency. 


5. Consuming Too Much Processed Food 

Lastly, we rely too much on processed food – processed meat, pre-mixed batters, or pre-cooked meals. While they might save a lot of time, these products are very harmful to our bodies. This is because these processed food items are packed and stored in the freezer for days or months. The food loses its nutrient value during this time, becoming only something you consume, not something you get any value out of. 

Tips To Ensure The Right Amount Of Nutrition For The Body 

So to ensure that you do not make nutrition mistakes anymore, here are some valuable tips. These will ensure your body gets all the proper nutrition in the right amount. 

 – Do not just remove carbs from your diet – including the right ones. If you are confused, go for whole grains. They give the right amount of energy without any weight gain.

– Avoid anything with trans fat, limit those with too much saturated fat, and get those with healthy fat. The best sources of healthy fat are fish, nuts, and plant oils.

– If you think there are any nutrient gaps, do not be afraid to choose supplements. They can ensure that you get all the nutrients you need in the right amount. Just make sure to get a good-quality supplement to get the best results.

– Calcium is essential for our body. But the only source isn’t milk. Consider multivitamins with calcium or just calcium supplements for improved results.

– Do not overload yourself with tasty juice or too much milk. Also, cut out all the sugary drinks from your diet and stick to water.

– Choose fresh food over processed ones as much as possible. 

– If you want to ensure you are getting the best micronutrients for your body, consider doing a genetic test to understand more about how your body processes, obsorbs, and even utilizes nutrients.


Takeaway Thoughts 

So we can conclude that taking care of your nutritional intake and your health has become trickier than before. Due to soil degradation and unhealthy harvesting techniques, even our essential fruits and vegetables are not always 100% safe. 

So to ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients for your body, start taking good quality supplements along with your diet. And also, follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that your body gets everything it needs. We hope this article helps you improve your nutritional intake and enhances your overall health and lifestyle. All the best!