Harnessing the Power of DNA Testing for Personalized Health

LAST UPDATED: July 14, 2021

With the rise of popular forms of genetic testing like CRISPR and genetic ancestry tests, it’s clear that the study of, and interest in, genetics has become more commonplace in today’s society. Scientists study the possibility of genetic variations and the relationships between genetics and our waking life. 

One area of study that we can use every day is nutrigenomics, a gene-based approach to the study of health and wellbeing.

Nutrigenomics has opened up new possibilities for scientists, doctors, and health practitioners to look at health differently. And in fact, with science, we can find more personalized forms of health care.

With the use of DNA testing for nutritional health, humans can learn how their genes might be affecting their overall health. Nutrigenomics and DNA science are advanced enough to improve our daily life, including providing support during addiction recovery, optimizing nutrition, and improving overall wellbeing.  

Growth and Development of DNA Testing for Health

40 years ago, genetic testing sparked debates over personal privacy and human rights. But now, we’re starting to see real and safe ways that genetics can be used for personal improvement. DNA testing is not just about cloning or tracking ancestry, nor is it the dawn of some dark Orwellian future. DNA testing can be practically applied in the area of personal health.

DNA is unique to each individual. So, you can think of your genetic code as a fingerprint. On our code are individual genes, which correspond with different traits (yes, even your sassiness is genetically linked). While over 99.9% of our DNA is identical to other humans, 0.01% of it differs and this small difference offers tremendous insight into individual traits and chemical makeup.

So researchers can tap into the unique 0.01% of our genetic code to understand nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle quirks, and behavioral choices, all through the evaluation of SNPs. Also known as “snips” (at home haircuts, anyone?) SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms, represent a difference in the DNA building blocks. 

SNPs are super-normal and occur on average one out of every 1,000 nucleotides (a fancy name for the previously mentioned building blocks ). Therefore, the average person can have 4 to 5 million SNPs in their genome. For real! This is in addition to there being over 100 million SNP variations in existence! 

Based on this information alone, it becomes clear that DNA testing can be ultra-specific, and that by referring to certain SNPs that relate to nutritional or environmental health factors, scientists can uncover personalized programs for health. Finally! 


What Does DNA Testing Mean for You?

Now, once we identify the key genetic factors of an individual SNP, we can provide customizable nutrition recommendations, including personalized vitamin prescriptions and behavioral treatments. 

While we’re not sure if we can stop you (or ourselves) from eating chips while binge-watching Netflix, we can uncover nutritional deficiencies, physiological patterns, and environmental interactions. And by working alongside practitioners, we can provide you with individualized health support.. 

Think of it like this—if you don’t have the password, then you can’t get into a secure account. You can try your hardest to access it, but nothing will work without that password. This is what it’s like with your genetic code. The best diet in the world won’t help you if you have a genetic thyroid problem. You need to tap into that secure code (or password) and treat the problem. 

With this type of knowledge about yourself, you can finally be informed about your health. You don’t need to follow a fad diet necessarily, and instead, you can look at what your genetics tell you about yourself. Do you need more of a certain vitamin? What about the foods you are eating? Is your body able to process these foods effectively? Now you can make informed decisions about health based on what your body actually needs! 


Best Practices for DNA Testing for Nutrition 

When working with a reliable company, DNA nutrition can be accurate, informed, and safe. However, you should be prepared when approaching this. For example, multiple SNP variants could show up in a sample and you could be thrown several, overlapping, and confusing health recommendations.

DNA testing for nutrient metabolism has made some large strides though, especially since vitamins are so essential to our daily life. Vitamin deficiencies and weird interactions can lead to poor health and more problems, even if they are hard to spot. Therefore, you can use DNA testing to optimize your health. 

For once, we can use DNA test kits to get personalized nutritional health recommendations. If you’ve already had a DNA test, then you can upload your data to our platform and our algorithm will immediately get to work. In return, you’ll receive a unique nutritional recommendation from us and can subscribe to an easy supplement subscription as well. 

This not only makes life easier (no more going to the store and dealing with pill dispensers) and saves shelf space, but you’re also helping yourself. No more self-prescribing vitamins, taking too many vitamins or wasting vitamins based on poor absorption rates. Simplify this process and take the power of vitamins back into your own hands! 


Power of DNA for Health Optimization

It’s no surprise that our generation is extremely self-aware around personal betterment and improving our health. We are constantly seeking better ways to stay healthy, live our best life, and have more energy throughout the day. 

Supplements are used in the health and wellness industry as one way in which we can take control of our health. But we haven’t quite mastered it yet. So by harnessing the power of DNA testing, we can get customizable and personalized health recommendations and a subscription supplement plan. 

Not all of our SNPs affect our health or development, but there are some SNPs that do. These SNPs, researchers have found, may predict an individual’s response to a drug, look at inherited genes within a family, or can identify certain environmental toxins which could be a hazard to your health. 

DNA testing can identify how you can harness the power of diet and effective nutrition to improve metabolism, your daily performance, and wellbeing. Yes, we can finally tap into the power of genetics for improving our overall health! 

DNA testing kits through Autumn might improve your overall wellness and help keep your body healthy. By testing only the SNPs related to health and nutrition and analyzing that alongside a personal lifestyle questionnaire, Autumn can provide customized vitamin recommendations for your genetic makeup and lifestyle.