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5 Ways Corporate Offices Can Adopt to Improve Employee Health and Wellness

LAST UPDATED: November 10, 2022

People these days are running behind their goals. Someone wants to buy their first car; someone wants to build their house, while someone is still working hard to get their dream job. This race of ambition has created a lot of competition among individuals. Not just this, individuals in corporations now rank themselves based on their salary and position. If someone has a higher salary than the other person, he feels superior because of his extra dollars. This is a new type of mentality.  People used to be focused on achieving their goals, irrespective of what others were doing or how much they earned. But with the introduction of platforms on social media, people now get a chance to showcase their lifestyle to the entire world. One can now show off their designer clothes, expensive cars, and trips they take. They may not be the same behind the camera, but people tend to post things that make them look happy. This is where the idea of reel vs. real came into play. What you show on social media is rarely what you are in real life. So, never judge yourself on the basis of how the other person is expressing themselves. 


Because of this growing competition in the race to show off, people are running to achieve fame and fortune, leaving behind their mental and physical health. To make ends meet, professionals are doing more than one job at a time. This has created pressure amongst everyone that needs to be stopped before it gets much worse. Mental health is a topic that affects everyone. From students to professionals and everyone in between, we all suffer from an unstable mindset at certain times. 


Mental pressure in corporate firms is a common trend that we are seeing, and almost every employee is going through it. But besides this, there are other causes that can make you feel stressed, for a short or a long span of time. Let us have a look and acknowledge the signs we must look out for when it comes to stress.


What hampers mental health and well-being?

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A student can feel mental pressure because of the syllabus he has to complete. A homemaker may feel stressed when there are plenty of guests coming in, and they have to prepare everything from scratch. A professional may feel anxious because of the environment in their workplace. Not just this, there are various other reasons like payscale, workload, office politics, inappropriate behavior, and more. Since it is a never-ending race of life, we cannot put a full stop to it. But, employers can take certain measures to help employees improve their health and wellness. We have made a list of 5 things every corporate office should adopt for their employees. 

  1. Work-life balance – Many employees are stuck in the patterns of going between their offices and back to their homes. They do not have the space to take out time for themselves and their families. This creates a monotonous routine that has no recreational activity involved. A balance between work and personal life is a must, and this is what employers must focus on for their employees.
  2. Recreational activities – When you work for five consecutive days from 9 to 5, you might get a little bored of work. It is often seen that the employees feel relaxed and fresh after coming from a short coffee break. This is because they could take out a few minutes for themselves. Keeping this in mind, organizations should arrange recreational activities for employees. If not on weekdays, then they should plan some activities on the weekends as well. It could be setting up a movie party in the office, indoor or outdoor games with maximum participation, an impromptu party, or anything that keeps the mind off work for at least an hour.
  3. Friendly atmosphere – When you work in a cordial and unbiased atmosphere, you unquestionably feel comfortable there. Many organizations do not promote a healthy or friendly atmosphere for their employees. This might influence employees to switch jobs.  Organizations must take care of creating a surrounding in the workplace that lets every employee feel like a family member. Once they start feeling like they belong there, this will reflect in their health and wellness.
  4. Nutritional plan – Many employees miss out on their meals because of an excessive amount of work. This does not just affect their physical health, but they also become mentally overwhelmed. Employers should focus on their employees’ nutrition and come up with a personalized vitamin plan that can help the employees recharge and become more productive. You can get customized nutritional plans from Autumn DNA to work on their health and well-being. This will show your team members how much you care about them and at the same time positively impact your bottom line.
  5. Employee appreciation- We all are working hard to get closer to our goals. But all the hard work is useless if there is no appreciation from our senior authorities. This is often seen happening around organizations, both big and small. The team leads, seniors, or managers must make sure to monitor the work done by delegates and give them proper feedback. When you appreciate someone’s hard work, it gives them a feeling of joy and boosts their confidence which can help them become more productive. 


We need to understand that poor mental health most times is just a state of mind that anyone can go through irrespective of their age or gender. This is not something that can be treated with surgery or medicine. But one can come out of it if they have the right people around them. People who understand what they are going through and help them come out of it. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something that must be taken care of. Professionals are working round the clock and there are a lot of people who have lost their jobs because of COVID and are still struggling to make ends meet. The past two years have been really unexpected and have disrupted people’s mental health. 

May you get through these toughest of times with your head held high. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal. 


Happy Reading! 🙂